Freedom Billing LLC

What do you charge?

We charge a flat rate hourly fee versus a percentage of revenue. Average percentage billers are charging 7% to 14%, plus add on fees. We do not charge extra for any services we provide – all fall under the flat rate fee. General calculations show that charging a flat rate fee versus a percentage reduces our customers costs by at least 35%.

Do I need to use all of your services in order to become a client?

We do our best to tailor our services to your needs. There are some processes that we must do in order to provide the best customer service, but we are very flexible.

I am looking for a new biller, however I have a lot of old claims that are unpaid. Can you help research those claims and see if we can get paid?

Yes we will do our best to clean up anything that was left pending.

Will you be the office liaison with my patients so they understand the billing process and their insurance?

Yes we offer full service intake processes including talking to patients and their insurances to gather all information needed to complete the billing process.

How do I communicate patient information and billing to your office?

We use fax, email and even snail mail to communicate. We are even willing to pick up information from your office.